Customer Care

Helpful tips and contacts
Warranty Requests
Please refer to your homeowners’ manual for all procedures and guidelines pertaining to our warranty program. We also ask that you submit requests for normal service at 3, 6, and 11 months from your move-in date.

We will be checking our database at least once a day for new requests. You should receive a phone call from us within 24 hours, excluding weekends, to confirm we have received your request and to obtain any additional information we may need to process your claim.

If you do not receive a call within 48 hours from the time you submit the online request, please call Midland Pacific Homes at (805) 466-5100 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and we will initiate a warranty request by phone. One of our Customer Service Representatives will then make an appointment to meet with you at your home to assess your request, and we will then contact the appropriate trade contractors who will contact you directly to schedule the repairs.

In Case of Emergency
Your homeowners’ manual cites the following as emergencies requiring immediate attention:

  • A total stoppage of the plumbing sewer system.
  • A water leak which requires the water service to be shut off to avoid damage to the building and/or furnishings.
  • A total loss of electrical service.

In the event of an emergency meeting these criteria or otherwise affecting your personal safety or possible damage to your home or belongings, please refer to your homeowners’ manual and call the appropriate trade contractor as listed in the “Emergency Phone Numbers” section. You should also call Midland Pacific Homes at (805) 464-5108 and leave a detailed message explaining the situation and we will contact you at our earliest opportunity.

Should you not be able to reach any of the contractors listed, you should call any available licensed contractor to ensure the emergency is resolved. Make sure you or the contractor you have perform the work keeps any evidence that proves a construction defect caused the emergency and you will be reimbursed for any expenses you incur.

Home Care Tips
Your new home is likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Taking good care of your home and paying attention to maintenance details will extend the life and help retain the value of your home. We can help with some tips for home care:

Mold Basics

  • The key to mold control is moisture control.
  • If mold is a problem, you should clean up mold promptly and fix the water problem.
  • Act quickly. It is important to dry water-damaged areas and items within 24 to 48 hours to prevent mold growth.
  • If you clean up the mold, but don’t fix the water problem, the mold problem will likely return.

Kitchen Cabinets Need Regular Cleaning

  • Spills and greasy handprints come off more easily if they aren’t left long enough to build up.
  • Painted wood, metal, laminated plastic or wood-grain vinyl surfaces can be cleaned with detergent and warm-water solution.
  • Natural-finished wood cabinets may be cleaned with a variety of commercial products, usually sprays, made for this purpose.
  • Read labels to be sure cleaners are suitable for finishes.

Care and Cleaning of Ceramic Tile Countertops

  • Protect against chipping by using a cutting board.
  • Use a heat-proof mat under hot pans and electrical appliances on the counter.
  • Avoid hard blows which can chip the tile. Wash with detergent solution, and rinse.
  • Clean dingy grout with a solution of chlorine bleach and allow water to stand not more than five minutes; rinse thoroughly and wipe dry.
  • General-purpose household cleaners may also be used if label says they can be used on ceramic tile; follow directions exactly.

NEVER use scouring powders or other abrasives as they will scratch the finish.

Utility Contacts
Paso Robles
  • New Water Service: website | (805) 237-3996
  • Sewer: website | (805) 237-3996
  • Trash: website | (805) 238-2381
  • Cable: website | (805) 238-1397
  • Electricity: website | 1-800-743-5000
  • Telephone: website | 1-800-772-3140
  • Gas: website | 1-800-427-2200
  • Water: (805) 466-2428 (Not a City Entity)
  • Sewer: (805) 470-3456
  • Trash: website | (805) 466-3636 (Not a City Entity)
  • Cable: website | (800) 640-6959
  • Electricity: website | 1-800-743-5000
  • Telephone: website | 1-800-772-3140
  • Gas: website | 1-800-427-2200
San Miguel
  • Water and Sewer: website | (805) 467-3388
  • Trash: (805) 467-9283
  • Cable: website | (800) 640-6959
  • Electricity: website | 1-800-743-5000
  • Telephone: website | 1-800-483-4000
  • Gas: website | 1-800-427-2200

Repair / Service Request Form

Service is an integral part of every Midland Pacific home. Our extensive warranty and customer service program allows our homebuyers the peace of mind of knowing that the Midland Pacific service team stands behind every home we build.

You can fill out repair requests online and submit via e-mail. A form is attached for your convenience. Note that service issues are addressed at three points in the first year of your home ownership: at 90 days after the close of escrow, then at 6 months and finally at one year (excluding emergencies).