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Starting in the high $500’s, these 161 Tuscan styled homes nestle up against the South Hills Open Space offering elegance and superior craftsmanship. Welcome to San Luis Obispo’s newest community, Toscano, by Midland Pacific Homes.

Located near Prado Road this neighborhood is within easy access to shopping, restaurants, and recreation with direct access to the South Hills hiking trails. Having over 15 different floor plans to choose from, Toscano will provide the uniqueness of an older neighborhood along with all the amenities and efficiencies that come with a brand new home. These low impact homes also combine the latest in water and energy conservation technologies.

At Midland Pacific Homes we take particular pride in the quality of the homes we build and the integrity of the service we provide our homeowners throughout the construction process and beyond. Contact us now to find out more about this community!

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 Site Plan

San Luis Obispo’s newest neighborhood!

Select a floor plan to see where it is located within the neighborhood. You will then be able to click on a lot for more information about it.

Phase 1
Lot #Floor PlanSquare FootageLot SizeStatus
1Nebbiolo19686,560In Escrow
2Dolcetto21996,000In Escrow
3Nebbiolo19686,000In Escrow
4Enantio16626,002In Escrow
5Sangiovese18627,624In Escrow
6Nebbiolo19689,053In Escrow
7Verdicchio22455,280In Escrow
8Amarone20285,001In Escrow
10Frascati22275,569In Escrow
72Nebbiolo19686,268In Escrow
73Dolcetto21996,069In Escrow
74Sangiovese18626,657In Escrow
75Enantio16626,002In Escrow
76Dolcetto21996,001In Escrow
77Nebbiolo19686,001In Escrow
78Sangiovese18626,001In Escrow
79Nebbiolo19686,000In Escrow
80Valpolicella17266,654In Escrow
86Orvieto19824,580In Escrow
87Lambrusco15464,612In Escrow
88Soave19254,578In Escrow
89Brunello17414,508In Escrow
90Verdicchio22454,586Model Home
91Lambrusco15465,000Model Home
92Frascati22276,894Future Release
95Barbera22816,275Model Home
96Amarone20284,717Model Home
Phase 2
Lot #Floor PlanSquare FootageLot SizeStatus
62Frascati22274,536Future Release
63Frascati22274,630Future Release
64Verdicchio22455,496Future Release
65Amarone20285,377Future Release
66Verdicchio22455,334Future Release
67Amarone20285,068Future Release
68Barbaresco16915,059Future Release
69Sangiovese18625,050Future Release
70Enantio16625,029Future Release
71Barbaresco16915,003Future Release
139Asti18285,339Future Release
140Barolo21364,500Future Release
141Asti18284,500Future Release
142Asti18284,500Future Release
143Asti18284,500Future Release
144Barolo21364,500Future Release
145Barolo21364,932Future Release
146Asti18286,170Future Release
147Orvieto19827,069Future Release
148Amarone20286,075Future Release
149Brunello17414,535Future Release
150Orvieto19827,084Future Release
151Lambrusco15464,549Future Release
152Lambrusco15465,015Future Release
153Tignanello13413,885In Escrow
154Lambrusco15464,615In Escrow
155Lambrusco15465,038In Escrow
156Orvieto19825,369In Escrow
157Tignanello13413,658In Escrow
158Soave19254,567In Escrow
159Lambrusco15464,529In Escrow
160Soave19254,502In Escrow
161Brunello17414,605In Escrow
162Soave19254,578In Escrow
170Tignanello13413,636In Escrow
171Brunello17414,523In Escrow
Phase 3
Lot #Floor PlanSquare FootageLot SizeStatus
15Enantio16625,047Future Release
16Amarone20285,053Future Release
17Verdicchio22455,300Future Release
18Enantio16627,394Future Release
19Coming Soon!10,620Future Release
20Coming Soon!6,687Future Release
21Coming Soon!7,002Future Release
22Coming Soon!7,014Future Release
23Coming Soon!5,254Future Release
24Coming Soon!5,084Future Release
25Coming Soon!5,000Future Release
26Coming Soon!5,000Future Release
27Coming Soon!5,083Future Release
28Coming Soon!5,006Future Release
29Coming Soon!5,000Future Release
30Coming Soon!5,000Future Release
31Coming Soon!5,024Future Release
32Coming Soon!5,000Future Release
33Coming Soon!5,000Future Release
34Coming Soon!5,007Future Release
35Coming Soon!6,341Future Release
36Coming Soon!6,161Future Release
37Coming Soon!5,813Future Release
38Coming Soon!6,040Future Release
39Coming Soon!4,632Future Release
40Coming Soon!5,070Future Release
41Coming Soon!5,106Future Release
42Coming Soon!5,133Future Release
43Coming Soon!5,154Future Release
44Coming Soon!4,600Future Release
45Coming Soon!5,005Future Release
46Coming Soon!5,005Future Release
47Coming Soon!5,005Future Release
48Coming Soon!4,563Future Release
49Coming Soon!5,000Future Release
50Coming Soon!5,000Future Release
51Coming Soon!4,564Future Release
52Coming Soon!4,578Future Release
53Coming Soon!4,710Future Release
54Coming Soon!4,546Future Release
55Coming Soon!4,560Future Release
56Coming Soon!4,567Future Release
57Coming Soon!4,779Future Release
58Coming Soon!5,642Future Release
59Coming Soon!5,470Future Release
60Coming Soon!5,043Future Release
61Coming Soon!5,043Future Release
108Lambrusco15464,500Future Release
109Amarone20285,112Future Release
110Verdicchio22454,607Future Release
111Amarone20285,016Future Release
112Verdicchio22454,795Future Release
113Amarone20285,000Future Release
114Soave19255,534Future Release
115Brunello17414,501Future Release
116Lambrusco15464,568Future Release
117Brunello17414,519Future Release
118Lambrusco15464,506Future Release
119Tignanello13414,005Future Release
120Tignanello13414,146Future Release
121Tignanello13414,062Future Release
122Brunello17415,000Future Release
122.5Lambrusco15464,688Future Release
123Lambrusco15465,000Future Release
124Soave19253,677Future Release
125Tignanello13414,644Future Release
126Lambrusco15465,000Future Release
127Tignanello13414,500Future Release
128Brunello17414,500Future Release
129Lambrusco15464,500Future Release
130Brunello17414,598Future Release
131Lambrusco15464,500Future Release
132Brunello17414,500Future Release
133Amarone20285,036Future Release
134Verdicchio22455,108Future Release
135Verdicchio22454,578Future Release
136Amarone20285,000Future Release
137Amarone20284,500Future Release
138Lambrusco15465,054Future Release

Floor Plans

1341 - Tignanello

Model: Tignanello
Square Footage: 1341
Bed/Bath: 2/2.5
Floors: 21341 FL
1341 Front Load Garage1341 SL1341 Side Load Garage

1726 - Valpolicella

Model: Valpolicella
Square Footage: 1726
Bed/Bath: 3/2
Floors: 117261726

1925 - Soave

Model: Soave
Square Footage: 1925
Bed/Bath: 3/2.5
Floors: 21925 FL1925 Front Load Garage1925 SL 1925 Side Load Garage

2136 - Barolo

Model: Barolo
Square Footage: 2136
Bed/Bath: 3/2.5
Floors: 2 (Split Level)21362136

2281 - Barbera

Model: Barbera
Square Footage: 2281
Bed/Bath: 4/2.5
Floors: 222812281

1546 - Lambrusco

Model: Lambrusco
Square Footage: 1546
Bed/Bath: 3/2.5
Floors: 21546 FL1546 Front Load Garage1546 SL1546 Side Load Garage

1741 - Brunello

Model: Brunello
Square Footage: 1741
Bed/Bath: 3/2.5
Floors: 2 1741 FL1741 Front Load Garage1741 SL1741 Side Load Garage

1968 - Nebbiolo

Model: Nebbiolo
Square Footage: 1968
Bed/Bath: 3/2
Floors: 11968 FL1968 Front Load Garage1968 SL1968 Side Load Garage

2199 - Dolcetto

Model: Dolcetto
Square Footage: 2199
Bed/Bath: 4/2
Floors: 121992199

1662 - Enantio

Model: Enantio
Square Footage: 1662
Bed/Bath: 3/2
Floors: 11662 FL1662

1828 - Asti

Model: Asti
Square Footage: 1828
Bed/Bath: 3/3
Floors: 2 (Split Level) 1828 A1828 B1828

1982 - Orvieto

Model: Orvieto
Square Footage: 1982
Bed/Bath: 4/2.5
Floors: 2 1982 FL1982 Front Load Garage1982 SL1982 Side Load Garage

2227 - Frascati

Model: Frascati
Square Footage: 2227
Bed/Bath: 4/2.5
Floors: 222272227

1691 - Barbaresco

Model: Barbaresco
Square Footage: 1691
Bed/Bath: 3/2
Floors: 116911691 Front Load Garage

1862 - Sangiovese

Model: Sangiovese
Square Footage: 1862
Bed/Bath: 3/2
Floors: 118621862

2028 - Amarone

Model: Amarone
Square Footage: 2028
Bed/Bath: 3/2.5
Floors: 220282028

2245 - Verdicchio

Model: Verdicchio
Square Footage: 2245
Bed/Bath: 3/3.5
Floors: 222452245



Lot #ModelSq. Ft.StatusPrice
1Nebbiolo1968IN ESCROW$735,000
2Dolcetto2199IN ESCROW$775,000
3Nebbiolo1968IN ESCROW$735,000
4Enantio1662IN ESCROW$690,000
5Sangiovese1862IN ESCROW$710,000
6Nebbiolo1968IN ESCROW$735,000
7Verdicchio2245IN ESCROW$757,000
8Amarone2028IN ESCROW$692,000
10Frascati2227IN ESCROW$750,000
73Dolcetto2199IN ESCROW$795,000
74Sangiovese1862IN ESCROW$720,000
75Enantio1662IN ESCROW$685,000
76Dolcetto2199IN ESCROW$785,000
77Nebbiolo1968IN ESCROW$735,000
78Sangiovese1862IN ESCROW$710,000
79Nebbiolo1968IN ESCROW$735,000
80Valpolicella1726IN ESCROW$680,000
86Orvieto1982IN ESCROW$675,000
87Lambrusco1546IN ESCROW$590,000
88Soave1925IN ESCROW$670,000
89Brunello1741IN ESCROW$635,000
153Tignanello1341IN ESCROW$585,000
154Lambrusco1546IN ESCROW$610,000
155Brunello1741IN ESCROW$665,000
156Orvieto1982IN ESCROW$705,000
157Tignanello1341IN ESCROW$590,000
158Soave1925IN ESCROW$700,000
159Lambrusco1546IN ESCROW$610,000
160Soave1925IN ESCROW$697,500
161Brunello1741IN ESCROW$675,000
162Soave1925IN ESCROW$700,000
170Tignanello1341IN ESCROW$600,000
171Brunello1741IN ESCROW$675,000

Driving Directions From 101 North

  • Take Highway 101 North to San Luis Obispo
  • Take the Prado Road Exit
  • Turn RIGHT on Prado Road
  • Turn LEFT on South Higuera Street
  • Turn RIGHT on Margarita Avenue
  • Turn LEFT on Calle Malva
  • Continue STRAIGHT on Tresana Lane. Model Homes are located on left side of street.

Driving Directions From 101 South

  • Take Highway 101 South to San Luis Obispo
  • Take the Madonna Road Exit
  • Turn RIGHT on Madonna Road
  • Turn RIGHT on Higuera Street
  • Turn LEFT on Margarita Avenue
  • Turn LEFT on Calle Malva
  • Continue STRAIGHT on Tresana Lane. Model Homes are located on left side of street.


Contact Info:
Amy Aschle
Sales Associate
Cal BRE #01731377

Debi Nobrega
Sales Associate
Cal BRE #00876993

Jim Moresco
Cal BRE #01856543

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